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28 Aug 08 Support for onImageData and MP3 cover art

I have added support for onImageData and MP3 cover images to Red5. Check out the Jing! I have really big screens so its a large flash video, you may need to resize your browser to see it all.

The example project source is here:
Also, dont make fun of my code, its just a quick example! :)

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    Sweet! Thanks Paul. So, apart from MP3 cover images being viewed, with this work in any stream being sent with an image attached? Or will it work with a netStream.send(“methodName”, bitmap) ?

    – TK

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    Hello Paul,
    I’ve been trying to get the onImageData callback to work with FMS3.5. Couldn’t access your code @

    I’m using FMS3.5 to stream mp3/aac content to actionscript3 clients. Everything is working fine except I’m not getting any onImageData callbacks. I get onMetaData & onPlayStatus callbacks without problems. I’ve checked the mp3 and m4a files….they’ve got artwork embedded. So what am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated


    private function createMusicStream():void {
    nsMusic = new NetStream(ncMusic);
    var nsMusicClient:Object = new Object;
    nsMusic.client = nsMusicClient;
    nsMusicClient.onMetaData = onMetaData;
    nsMusicClient.onPlayStatus = onPlayStatus;
    nsMusicClient.onImageData = onImageData;
    nsMusic.bufferTime = 3;;
    nsMusic.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, nsMusicStatus);
    private function onImageData(imageData:Object):void {
    trace(“imageData recieved! ” );

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