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30 Aug 08 IvyDE – Part 1

Some of you may know that there are at least two different versions of the IvyDE, the plugin which interfaces Eclipse with your Ivy files. To use the plugin with Red5 you will need the latest version, especially if you use Ganymede. I will record some screen casts to help you through the upgrade / fixes. I apologize now for my large screen size, I will record smaller versions in the future. So without further rambling here is the first video: IvyDE part 1

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    I got the same problem with the latest version in the trunk.
    i installed ivy as you explained but i still have the same problem on building the red5 source code. (also selecting retrive target didn’t help)
    i need help on this. look forward to part 2 of the video or better a written suggestion.
    thx by now.


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    Ill record part 2 shortly, but be aware there are some bugs in the current “alpha” IvyDE.

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    Please just do a writeup, screencasts are incredibly painful, slow and annoying, especially when you dont have a screen as monstrous as yours.

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