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12 Sep 08 RTMP load tester

I want to let everyone know about a simple RTMP load testing tool that I wrote in flex. Its really simple and allows you to rip a stream from either FMS or Red5 as quickly as possible. If you find it useful or want to add to it, let me know.

The source link is for the latest version in which I have started adding shared object testing; I could use some assistance with that part if any of you have time. The bin link is to the “old” version.

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    How many simultaneous connections flex load tester can handle?

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    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

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    And you do not accidentally from Moscow?

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    […] test I had 5 desktops running Paul Gregoire’s RTMP load testing tool. Systat was used to monitor cpu and average load information and ifstat monitored network […]

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    good job!

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    Thanks for the code.

    I have tried to run the code however my browser crashes after flash establishes 30+ RTMP connections to the server, actually the flash client crashes the browser. So, i tried this in firefox, internet explorer and opera, they are all the same, so I assume that flash client is unable to handle huge number of RTMP connections.

    Also, I noticed that if i add some delay after opening each connection, i can open more connections (up to around 60 I think) but it will again crash the browser eventually.

    So I wonder what was the maximum number of RTMP connections were you able to establish to the server, using a single flash client?

    This is very important to me because i am trying to load test or benchmark my server application. So if anyone knows a tool for RTMP load testing, this will be very useful too.


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    Just what I was looking for! I tested over 900 connections to a 320kbit audio stream before I stopped it. My server passed the test :-) Thank’s Paul!


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    Hey I want to use the this implementation to load test RTMP application.
    Could you please help me to implement it.

    Please help to do test setup.

    Thanks Atul (

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    @Atul of course you can use it, but I cannot help you implement it. You might also want to try the client in the flazr project since it has load testing built-in

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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you to share your very useful load tester for RTMP. I work for Neotys and we have just released a version of NeoLoad able to record/load test RTMP apps.

    You can try it from
    and I’ll be very happy to get your feedback about it!



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    erlyvideo comes with tester, that can make up to 1000 connections.

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