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06 Oct 08 If the candidates were phones

I saw a couple posts on Dvorak wherein the candidates were compared to trains and cars. This gave me an idea, what if we compared them with phones?

Update: For those of you who actually read the text – There are accusations in the comments that I “stole” this from Fark, I did not. The text clearly states where I got the idea from which is, a site I read daily. I never go to and never have been to the Fark forum, except to check the link in the comments. Those who know me, know this accusation is bull-crap and as stated if any accusers (loving their internet anonymity) want to bring it to me in person – I’m game.

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    […] via Paul Gregoire’s Blog […]

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    FYI, OpenDNS has your site blocked for “Sexuality” content which is clearly bogus. I submitted it for review of the block, but I thought you might want to give them some shit about it.

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    Thanks for the OpenDNS heads up.. I’ll complain to them unless I forget :)

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    do you know your blog is listed on this blackhat site?

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    LOL so damn true.

    so. damn. true.

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    Haha, I still play with two metal soup cans and a string. It works well from room to room.

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    Ha ha ha ha! That was great.

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    You know you got this from Fark. There is a whole thread of these. You didnt make this.


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    Ha ha, that’s fantastic. Thanks for the laugh.

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    haha this couldnt be more true. i think it was evident from the debate how fragile mccain is physically

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    Thanks “dude” but I did make this, with MS paint of all things. If you want to bring your accusation to me in person I would be glad to clear your head. :)

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    shouldn’t Biden be depicted by a “knockoff” considering that he was caught and puniched for plagiarism?

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    What Obama only works up until the 200 charge. Hmm the old phones were very useful and the iPhone in my opinion is just a joke

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    I think a payphone would be more appropriate for Obama. The reason will be obvious come Feb. 2009 when he reneges on his promised tax cuts and announces sweeping new tax increases.

    We can use some of the “change we can believe in” to make a calls.

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    […] objetos es algo comun últimamente, pero parece que no deja de resultar gracioso. En este caso al autor de éste blog anglosajón se le ocurrió comparar a los candidatos actuales a la presidencia y vicepresidencia de Estados […]

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    you suck

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    this is stupid. obama is the smart phone huh? and palin is SUPER inexperienced? all obama has done is run for pres. dont even bother to say “well he was in the senate!” u know wat he did in the senate? run for president. thats it! and palin might be more inexperienced than others but SHE’S NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!

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    Are Muslims allowed to use a phone?

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    This is stupid.

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    corrector of the dumbasses: Your last comment may in fact be the most ignorant and unintelligent post I have ever read. LOL I found it to be wildly hilarious. Thank you for reaffirming my suspicion that there is no hope for humanity. =)

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    Pretty sure Obama is not the iPhone. More like a flip phone.

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    what phone would ron paul be?

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    you didn’t make this up. I saw a thread in a forum where the four candidates were compared to all types of things like trains.

    Obama was a Maglev train.
    Biden was like a normal train
    McCain was a coal powered train
    And Palin was a thomas the tank engine that had fallen off the tracks.

    so hilarious I found it while stumbling

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    haha. this might not be the smartest comparison for Obama, seeing as iphone-bashing is the new bush-bashing. He would be like one step up from palin…like a gophone or something. John McCain…okay I’ll give you that one, but Biden? If anyone should get the SMART phone I think it’d be Obama, with all the Harvard anc Columia business.

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    Dude is right, you DID swipe this from Fark! I saw the whole long meme thread, most of which were hilarious.

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    This is fantabulous! iPhones Rock!!!!!!

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    You missed your chance to make George Bush, the banana phone.

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    Cheney would probably make a good pay-phone with the handset removed. Bush would definitely be one paper cup with a string attached.

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    haha love it!

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    This is just like Hitler or the Nazis!

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    The only thing scarier than a Republican controlled congress with a Republican president is a democrat controlled congress with a democrat president. Think hard about that before you hit that vote Obama button (I don’t like ANY of the candidates myself, so this isn’t from a McCain supporter, just trying to keep the feds from going totally crazy).


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    It’s so true. Barack Obama really is an overpriced, prone-to-failure piece that is loved my so many sheep.

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    you are a moron. if the one wins, you will no doubt find some equally idiotic way to blame the Republicans, the only people left in this country who actually seem to care about it.

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    iPhone: Not realy as great as everyone says, but it’s new and exciting so everyone wants one.
    BlackBerry: Better than everyone else because it says so. Also a Knight of Ni!
    Pulse Tone phone: Old as dirt, but will work in a pinch.
    Fisher Price phone: Good for our children and thats about it.

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    […] [via gregoire] […]

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    That’s awesome.

    BTW, I’m here via @Sachendra, via whitneyhess.

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    Yup. Iphone. Costs way to much money, won`t do what a smart fone can do and at best is a mediocre phone.

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    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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    This is hilarious. Except Palin isn’t a candidate. She’s a VP candidate. Otherwise, epic.

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    iphone or smart phone won’t last 4 years.

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    Yup, Obama IS the Iphone. VERY expensive, but versatile.

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    haha, I’d prefer an oldschool phone over that iPhone garbage. Way to insult your own favorite politician.

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    If anyone is the blackberry it is Obama zing!…. get it?

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    iPhone: broke the bank, loved by hipsters, has some cool apps to keep you happy while the world burns. Yet I hope Palin doesn’t run. She’s the problem to the answer.

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    1. you stole this from fark
    2. i will fight you irl

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    Nice try troll, its original. Oh and bring it on.. time and place fuck head

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