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06 Oct 08 Red5 + h.264

I am so happy right now, Steven helped me with the MP4 branch and now it “works”!

After we worked out the time stamping and probable channel issues, it all came down to an SHA256 in the handshake routine. I still have a lot of clean up to do, but at least there is hope for 0.9.0 release :)

If you want alpha level code that only plays one clip, you can grab the branch from here: click



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    Well done !
    Congratulation and thanks from the newbie world ! 😉

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    For limited time there will be H.264 streaming demos available on this link :

    Some full HD (1280 and 1920) movie trailers are in thelist and it shows the current state of Red5 (as of this writing, 2008/10/08)

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    […] Read more on Paul’s blog: […]

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    sounds extremely good. Can hardly wait to see it in 0.9 as soon as possible.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts.


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    […] > Paul Gregoire’s Blog » Red5 + h.264 […]

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    Very cool. I just started playing with Red5 to stream live events and am excited to see that development for h.264 is in the works. I am trying to play with your branch to see if I can get it to work on my Red5 install.

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    Hi Paul,

    nice work, following ur mp4 branch for some time now. can u explain what was wrong with ur java handshake compared to the rubyizumi one? would be great if u could share this info with us.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


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    @Dirk There was an additional HMAC hash being done on the bits, that we were unaware of; this was key to getting it working.

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    Paul, im trying to install red5 from many differents ways. I only had successfull with your files:

    But, i cant run with (copied from another). Can you send me this file?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Paul!

    Thanks in advance

    I have the same problem as Guilherme, no file is available in the source, so Please send it and update the source code.



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    Can you give the player4.fla source file


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    Start here:

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    Hi Paul,
    my Name is Markus and I have been using Red5 for some time now and of course I enjoy using it. Not beeing an expert I would like to get in touch with other people on the mailing list to disucss my problems but my messages never show up in the mailing list. I fact I have a problem at the moment with the AMF interface where I don’t know how to progress.
    When I send a message to the mailing list I always get a reply saying ‘Your message to Red5 awaits moderator approval’. Unfortunateyl I am still waiting for my message to get approved, since 2nd of January.
    Is there any chance you can help me or give me the name and email of a person who I can talk to.

    Your helps is very much appreciated!

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    Sorry Paul to fill up you blod, I know this is off topic but I don’t know who to contact with my problem…..

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    Hi Mr, I need help to make work red5 wit Zone Minder: I am using ZM to have the output of 4 webcams,but I need to push the output into a .swf flash website: I do not know how. Can you help me? please.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Hi Paul,

    Just to let you know that we are using Red5 in our archives video application, and we’re eagerly anticipating the release of your MP4/H.264 branch.

    All the best.

    Swami Kevala

    Isha Foundation

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    Hey there. Great work! I got one questions though. Ive managed to install your version, and installed the demos from the default install page. But when i try view the demos it displays to download flash player.

    For eg. When i try access demos/ballcontrol.html it asks me to download flash. I do have flash. Ive ran other versions of red5 no problem. I am assuming is has to do with context structure.

    Can you point me in the right direction?

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    […] para supresa, está lá dizendo, oficialmente, agora sim, suporte a MP4… Encontrei também um post de 06/10/2008 (Paul Gregoire’s Blog) falando sobre este […]

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    Hey, this looks interesting for sure.
    Currently we’re running nginx/mp4 streaming but we’re thinking about switching over to red5.

    I’m having the same issue as Guilherme. Is there a sh file missing? Would it be possible to get it sent to me?

    Thanks for the all the hard work :)

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    nvm got it running, just had to change the default http port 😉

    experimenting now… TY

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    I’ve send this message also to mail group as a copy of that for your information thanks…

    I am working on a HQ streaming project for a long time before i was working with FMS, but for a while i prefer to use red5 because i really like to use open source projects but on this week ,after i compiled my project codes and publish it to web i faced with a big problem , h264 stream is not working on all computers

    firstly i think the error could encountered from my convertor then i tryed lots of commands and convertors as ffmpeg,mencoder,mp4box,flix… etc and then i tryed all types of flv containers,mp4 containers…etc. then i realize that when i try to stream my videos via wowza media server it worked!!! so i decide that maybe my server is not enough to stream it on real time with Red5 then i tryed to work on my local intranet with a quad core2 & 8Gb Ram machine .. But nothing solves out my files only able to stream to my developer machine and just a few friends of me not any more ….

    Then i decide what if i am doing wrong with converting files for the stream to RED5 then i found this site : but as you could see on thi attachment image stream started with an empty video clip it failed again …. (Additional note this all works on my developer machine perfectly but i have 6 machines in my office they all worked only on my developer machine…)

    my server has 2 GB ram with 10 Mbit non shared connection and works only private
    my local server properties given below

    test machine 1 -> my developer has machine 4 GB ram 400Gb Hdd and Quad Core 2
    test machine 2 (is not able to view mp4 streams like all the others)-> intel core2 Duo T7300 , 3GB Ram with 250Gb HDD

    what is wrong please help me i think i have no mistakes because i tryed offical demos and lots of more please inform me if there is a hotfix

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    With theses demos,
    the H264 video are working fine with flash 9.
    But not with flash 10 ?

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    I am using Red5-0.9-RC3.

    h264 encoded live and recorded video stream is playing well with flash player

    But flash player does not playing anything. Even no error thrown.

    Is any RTMP support for fp is missing in Red5 0.9RC3?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Scope Paul / Walter, everyone…

    This thread interests me a great deal.

    I volunteer to help my friend with a website. UCHOOZE.COM – Your Charity Video Adventure.
    also a non-profit Cafepress shop Beta.

    We use Flashcoms chat7 with red5 0.9.0 but the video is very poor. I am trying to find a coder who is experienced in red5 for Live Streams in High Quality AV – at least FLV.

    I see in the demo the datarate for h264 is very high. Is this still the case with red5 1.0 / Flash 10.3+?

    Are there any working demos or established websites using red5 flv or h264?

    If you can offer some help, or information please contact me, R.James – – Thank You

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