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08 Jan 09 Media manipulation in realtime with Xuggler

I know this comes up a lot on mailing lists and in forums – How do I stream from flash to “xyz”. Normally the standard answer is to use FFMPEG, but beware of the NellyMoser audio; oh and you have to tweak this or that like this to get output. Then came the nelly2pcm utility and a few bravely implemented it in their projects to get nelly converted into a “usable” format. This didn’t work for me on my SIP project for an “unamed” client of Infrared5. I looked around and spoke with colleages, then one day Art told me about a “secret” project of his and that he would let me try it out. It seemed to have everything I would need so thats how I got involved with what is now released for FREE as Xuggler, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Google group: xuggler-users

Xuggler is now available in Beta! – go get it!!


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    I saw some talk recently about nellymoser I think on the ffmpeg ML so maybe it’s fixed now, or soon… [?]

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