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15 Apr 09 Java book recommendations

I see this question quite a lot, “What books should I read to learn Java”. I have a set of books I like to recommend, books that have made me a better developer. So without further adieu..

Effective Java

Java concurrency in practice

For Red5 development I also recommend:

Spring in Action

Professional Apache Tomcat 6

Lastly, you can usually pick these books up even cheaper if you click on the “used” section on Amazon.

Heres a snapshot of two of my shelves of books.

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    Really glad to see you like Apache Tomcat 6. I have been wondering about a good Tomcat book for some time now. Thanks!

    I wanted to suggest adding O’Reilly’s Head First Java for the truly novice. I know it is a beginner’s beginner book but it really helped me get my head around OOP and Java (pun sort of intended :).

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion for Tomcat!

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