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07 May 09 Azdroids

I wrote a new Android application today while on my “Vacation”, this one is based on one of my favorite classic games – Asteroids. I still have a lot of bugs and clean up to complete, but by looking at the screencast you can see that it is playable.

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    I’m gonna apologize from the start cause this might sound a little bit rude… You’re on VACATION for God’s sake. Why are you writing an Android application? Why did u take the “Vacation” in the first place if you’re going to work? And finally why the hell are you sharing this on Adobe feeds?

    Sorry again?

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    @Ronny all good questions. I just finished a difficult project and I was taking time off, but I had been wanting to start doing Android stuff.. so I started coding.. instead of putting up my new garage opener or actually going anywhere.
    I am on Adobe feeds because they approved me, dont worry though since I dont usually post all that often. Mainly I cover Red5 and Flex development.

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