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08 May 09 Flash on Tap: Red5 Workshop

FOT is coming up real soon… I’m co-presenting with Dominick for the Red5 workshop and I would like to know what you guys want to see? Since its an all-day thing, I would be glad to get some input from the community. Post your ideas as comments.

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    There are no plans to cover male enhancement drugs nor swiss watches during the session. Since those are the only comments thus far.

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    I’m not sure what format you are planning on, but I’d rather this be an intensive training session focused on explaining as much as possible rather than “now follow along in eclipse” or “watch me build these 3 apps from scratch”. While group examples are ok, in my experience it takes a long time to do anything together and limits how much material can be covered. I hope to learn about some advanced topics and/or case studies.

    Good topics may be:
    * a short architecture review
    * a brief survey of what is possible with Red5 (what’s been done?)
    * how to get started developing in red5 (tools, setup, and the main classes
    and configuration a developer needs to be aware of) for a few types of applications (streaming, data sharing, service oriented)
    * Best Common Practices: The best known approaches to architecture, deployment, and/or troubleshooting.
    In this area I’m personally very interested in scalability (building scalable code, server farm architecture, clustering).
    * timeline for future releases / features

    Might be of interest:
    * Debugging techniques
    * Stream switching vs progressive download
    * Bandwidth detection (for stream selection)
    * Common (nontrivial?) questions from the mailing list
    * Comparison with Spring BlazeDS, or future plans for integration
    * How to contribute to the project / get involved

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    @red5user – excellent input! thanks

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    I will also be at the event (the Red5 workshop will be my only event). Some things that I would be interested in discussing are:

    Server side programing
    – Examples using Rooms
    – Access restriction
    – Interfacing with an external data source
    Flex/Java interfacing

    +1 for:
    – ‘How to contribute to the project / get involved’
    – Best Common Practices

    I come into Red5 with a wide range of programming skills, but with limited Java knowledge (especially in the Spring/Tomcat side of things). It might also be helpful to explain the technologies that Red5 is built upon.

    Looking forward to attending!

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    @Raymond, thanks for the input.. I’ll be tailoring my stuff based on what you and red5user have commented thus far.

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    Dominick and I are working out the details now, so if you want your stuff to be covered you should comment now!

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