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19 Jul 11 Dynamic streaming with Red5

I will dub this feature beta only because I’m not sure that my handling or signaling is “exactly” right yet. The latest revision is now 4245 and those of you with the skills may use this version to stream like the pros do with FMS and Wowza.. dynamically! Be aware that Q0S is not implemented yet so hold your bugs saying it doesn’t work for now.  The following transitions are currently supported:

  • NetStreamPlayTransitions.RESET – Clears any previous play calls and plays the specified stream immediately.
  • NetStreamPlayTransitions.APPEND – Adds the stream to a playlist and begins playback with the first stream.
  • NetStreamPlayTransitions.APPEND_AND_WAIT – Builds a playlist without starting to play it from the first stream.
  • NetStreamPlayTransitions.SWITCH – Switches from playing one stream to another stream, typically with streams of the same content.
  • NetStreamPlayTransitions.SWAP – Replaces a content stream with a different content stream and maintains the rest of the playlist.
  • NetStreamPlayTransitions.STOP – Stops playing the streams in a playlist.

With any new feature there will be bugs, so bare with us and we’ll get them fixed up as soon as possible. Post any issues (with test code if you have some) to the issue tracker.

Lastly, without the help of Dan Rossi and Abhinav Kapoor’s post ( this would have been a much longer endeavor. Mucho gracias to Infrared5 for allowing me to work on this and other Red5 features. All the testing so far was accomplished with Flowplayer v3.2.6.

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    I am very happy when I see your blog.
    I am stuck on the “combined streams”.

    I use flowplayer and red5 0.9.1 on ubuntu 11.4.

    I follow the instruction on the web page

    I have tried following two cases.
    It doesn’t work properly.
    Only the “last clip” is played. And Flowplayer shows correct duration(20 seconds)

    streams: [
    { url: ‘’ , duration: 10},
    { url: ‘’ , duration: 10}

    streams: [
    { url: ‘’ , start: 0, duration: 10},
    { url: ‘’ , start: 0, duration: 10}

    Is your “Dynamic streaming with Red5” the solution for my problem?


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