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17 Jan 12 Android Market

I have created pro version of my broadcaster app for Android and Blackberry (playbook). The pro version allows for FMS or Red5 authentication as well as selection of all available cameras / microphones. The next two things I’ll be adding are i10n/i18n and h.264; the latter may not be possible in mobile air but I’ll give it a go.



The free version probably won’t be seeing any updates since I hate working on it in Flash CS5.

Lastly, If there’s enough interest I’ll do a version for iOS.

Update 1/18/12

I got h264 publish working in Android last night! woot! What a pain that was.. I need to verify that all is well with the stream data and my modifications to the application then I’ll put the update in the market.

Update #2 1/18/12

The latest pro build is up on the market 1.0.3, it allows you to stream h.263 or h.264 from your Android device. Enjoy!


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    H264 on Air for mobile!!? How? Please share a secret :)

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    Is there anyway to keep the broadcaster running after returning to the home screen? My stream stops when I do this I would like to be able to stream and do other things on my android tablet. I have purchased the pro version and have no problem sending my stream. I would just like to be able to use other apps when streaming, I am using this while storm chasing.

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    I bought the pro version to use for streaming live video to a Storm Chasing Website. It streams great just one question about adding a feature, Is there anyway to have broadcaster pro still running(Streaming) after returning to the home screen. I am trying to use other apps while streaming since I will be using this from a moving vehicle while storm chasing. If not I will just have to stream at certain times on the road, switching back and forth from other apps and broadcaster. Your help would be appreciated as far I can tell your app and a chinese app are the only way to stream via an android device, and I know there is an interest to stream from these devices while on the road. I have already started passing the word around the Chasing community about your app and its streaming capabilities, along with affiliated chase sites as a solution to streaming via android.


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    I haven’t tried it but it should be possible. In addition if you have ICS it may be possible now with the task switcher.

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    Hi there!!
    Great job !! Thank a lot for this app..
    This week end we stream a recording sessions from 2 mobiles to my Red5 server AT HOME (with only 2mg of upload cap) to about 40 persons …Everything is “fluide” and i was really amazed of the red5 performances and the almost illimited capabilities. The sound was OK we record everything and everything was A1!
    Now i’ve got to figure out how you did that (rmtp on AIR detection , h264 etc etc) for our streaming site that we’re working on for bands or artists.

    Do you know why on my LG p-999 the brightness of the cam is so high that it doesn’t work at daylight… On my nexus S its working well, the brightness seem to auto-adjusting.

    Thank again!!


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    I need a version of your broadcaster app that is simpler. It would just stream videos to one rtmp address on my Wowza server at a set resolution. Just press record and stop. Do you have anything like that. I will buy.


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    .. yes, man. please tell us how you figured out the h264 streaming! I tried that a lot and can’t see how this works.

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    Hi, are u going to open source any of this versions? Bytheway, there would be fine to have an iOS version too.

    Good work!

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    Great job i wonder what would be the challenges of using Red5 on android to do a 2way video chat app.

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    Dear Paul:
    I’m quiet sorry to have bothered you. I brought Broadcaster Pro from Google Play and tried to use the App yesterday. In the camera setting, I checked the H264 choice, then the App output still was H263. Otherwise, I didn’t know how to set “Video Quality”, the parameter’s minimum or maximum value.
    Thanks a lot.

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    If your device does not support h264 encoding the encoder will default to h263. This happens on all iOS devices and the Motorola RAZR.

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    Hi Paul
    Can you please tell me what are the steps that i should follow in order to buid such an application for android using red5 because i don’t know how to start ?

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    I bought the pro version, using this i could connect to oflademo site but i see the file is not getting created in streams folder.
    i do see in the log xstream publish started and unpublish event but no stream file created. can you please help

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    I would love to create a launcher in my native app to launch your air app. Is this functionality available and if yes what is the package name?
    (ref. )

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    Does it works on Youtube live?

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    It may, I added several authentication schemes but I don’t know which one they use.

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    I am you tube live broadcaster.. to-day I purchased your broadcaster pro for my Samsung note 2 for streaming on youtube.. but it does not recognize h264 codec..
    please suggest..

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    Hi Paul:
    Composer wanting to use your software to launch an internet streaming radio site featuring some of the 44 hours of copyrighted audio.

    **Want to upload files from internal folders on Galaxy 4, M119, phone. Am not seeing a prompt from software to specify a folder or folders (4 folders: Symphonic, Large Chamber, Micro Chamber, All Audio).

    **Needing settings to publish to secure Google site.

    **Needing a method for temporarily securely storing audio having selected content on web for use by software until another audio folder is selected for temporary use.

    **Am wanting the selected audio files that are securely stored to repeat for a 24 hour period between content changes that either are done automatically by software based on a broadcast schedule or done manually by user.

    Are these things possible with Broadcaster Pro software?


    Richard Matthis

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