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11 Mar 13 Gmail Fail

Its totally absurd that after 24+ hours, my gmail account which I’ve had for at least 11 years is still locked. What’s even worse is that you must sit and wait until???  There are no “helpful” links on this page, nor any resolution options available; You’re simply at their whim.


After racking my brain last night about why this may have occurred, I figure it had to be the ebooks that I mailed to my KindleFire HD; there were several. Is usage of my account any reason to lock it for so many hours? I’m really freaking livid right now.. getting more pissed off by the hour.

Update: Regained access after 30+ hours of waiting and sending 2 reports from my phone. Lets work on that customer service Google; you could learn something from Apple in this area.


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    I have downloaded the free version of Broadcaster on to my tablet to play around with some live video streaming for our radio station (events, etc). I am having an issue with setup however, in the fact that when my keyboard pops up to input the stream url and settings, it covers up the portion of the screen where I have to input everything. Unfortunately, my tablet does not seem to want to let me copy and paste the url in and I have to type it out, which is difficult with the input box being covered. Is there some way that I could generate a file with the url and settings in it that could be read or loaded into Broadcaster? I am hesitant to get the Pro version if it is set up the same way as far as layout goes. It seems to be exactly what I have been looking for as far as an app goes for this, but I am really having difficulty getting set up to test strictly because of the layout. Any suggestions to get this working for us? I would be in favor of going either the route of an external file with the settings that could be loaded, or if the input fields were moved to the upper right portion of the screen where they could be seen without being covered by the pop up keyboard. Either way would be excellent! Please e-mail me with your reply if you could sir. Thank you!

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