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07 Dec 13 Wisdom


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    Greetings, Mondain,

    Have sent an email to on this topic without receiving response. None of the apps downloaded from GooglePlay have the features I need to begin streaming the 44 hours of copyrighted audio that I have available. Still have 2 apps on phone that might work with some tweaking but the app developers are not responding to email from me: BroadcasterPro (Paul Gregoire), BroadcastMe (Agilio S)

    **Want app configured to be managed by Galaxy4, M119, android cellphone and Dell Vostro 1500 laptop running Vista, Service Pack 2.
    **Have 4 folders of audio:
    1 Principal Symphonic
    2 Large Chamber Instrumental
    3 Micro Chamber Instrumental
    4 All Audio Files

    Wanting software to play a different folder every 24 hours.

    Audio Files can be uploaded to GoogleDocs for access by software.
    **Wanting to have a hyperlink showing as each file plays that opens up a specific page at the Musicaneo site where the sheet music can be purchased by performing ensembles.
    **Want a widget that will insert app player on GoogleSites.


    rtmfp:// OR P2P

    Relevant Websites:



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