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02 May 08 About

More than you ever wanted to know about me..
Name: Paul
Age: ~42
Job title: Sr Software Engineer (fancy name for a Programmer)
Hometown: Las Vegas
College/University: University of Phoenix, University of Maryland, Clark County Community College
Former life: Pure Energy / Stardust
First computer: Timex Sinclair 1000; i still have it over at my moms..
Favorite piece of technology: Personal Computers
Favorite author and book: Anne Rice, any of the Vampire Chronicles. Im still reading Armand
Favorite movies:

  • Blade Runner
  • Matrix
  • Terminator

Favorite TV shows:

  • Dr Who & Torchwood
  • Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis
  • Supernatural
  • Farscape
  • Star Trek – all of them
  • Babylon 5
  • The Outer Limits
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dexter
  • Almost Human
  • Agents of Shield

Favorite quote: Revenge is a dish best served cold – Klingon Proverb
What is your most marked characteristic? My honest and simple nature
What do you consider your greatest achievement? Making “it” in this crazy mixed-up world…
When and where were you happiest? When im sleeping, i sleep like the dead.
What is your greatest regret? Hurting the ones that i love
What is your idea of perfect happiness? To witness mankinds evolution into something better
What is your most treasured possession? My children
Where would you like to live? Las Vegas.. but im in Henderson now and its close enough.. of course
What is your greatest fear? That my kids will have to grow up poor like i did
What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? I have a hard time forgiving those who cause me grief
What is the trait you most deplore in others? Dishonesty
What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Goodlooks?
What is your greatest extravagance? Buying computer equipment that i “think” i need..
What is your favorite journey? Comming home
What is it that you most dislike? Fake people
What is the quality you most like in a man? Friendship
What is the quality you most like in a woman? Honesty and Kindness
What do you most value in your friends? Knowing when to leave me alone
If you were to come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? Water
If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? A nutrino, passing through everything affecting very little..
How would you like to die? Quickly or in my sleep.. zzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. |

    my name is dezmond and i downloaded one of your bndl. files and i tried to upload it to the danger.developer website and it said

    * uploaded bundle was not built for the 3.4/155053 libraries
    * If your sample application can not be uploaded here please contact for instructions.

    Can u please help me with this asap

  2. |

    The danger stuff is really old and probably has to be recompiled with their latest sdk. I dont have any urge to build stuff for danger devices at this time, sorry.

  3. |

    Hi, please join my new facebook group:

    iPromise to never buy an Apple product for the rest of my life

  4. |

    @Scott, I cant promise not to buy their stuff. I hate all their BS but I cant fault some of their products. I just got an iPod Touch and it is awesome, simply a joy to use. The majority of the time their products “just work” and thats all that most people want.

  5. |

    Excuse me I have trouble withe roomjoin and the myScope.connect(myconn) and I can’t see where is the pb ..

    when I use the roomJoin( myclient,myscope) and I test for the myscope.getClients the size of the Set I got is always 0

    when I use this :
    public boolean test (String name){

    IConnection myconn = Red5.getConnectionLocal();
    IScope Scope=myconn.getScope();

    if (Scope.createChildScope(name))
    System.out.println(“room Created”);

    IScope Sjoin= Scope.getScope(name);
    roomJoin(myconn.getClient(), Sjoin);
    return true;

    calling this methode invoke the excution of the getServerStatut of the responder in the client side

    Or in the server side the methode ‘test’ isn’t excuted at all ( I tested that with many System.out.print
    and no one appear )

    the server doesn’t accept any other connection from any one… neither a new client after closing all the other clients give the net statut NetConnection.Connect.Failed and the server become unusefull..( I must restart it )

    when I search for the reason of this problem I discovered that it is the Sjoin.connect (myconn);..(when I delete it ..every thing go well ) ..

    I’m very interesting to know what’s the problem and I must add the connection to the scope in the pupose of using ServiceUtils.invokeOnAllConnections

    I’m wating for your answer ..and I hope I’m not disturbing

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for providing such a great site.
    I have a question. I can’t seem to find this anywhere on the internet. Do you know how to configure Red5 to listen to multiple rtmps ports? I can’t seem to get it to work. I found instructions on how to listen to multiple rtmp which is very different in terms of configuration. Do you know if it is possible? Thanks

  7. |

    Nothing about you life in Saudi? I’m disappointed!

  8. |

    @ray – nothing about my life anywhere that I’ve lived (japan, ksa, sc, cali, nv, etc…)

  9. |

    Hello Paul
    I have downloaded xuggler and i am playing with the api. some things i wanted to confirm:
    suppose i want to implement wavelet transform based codec is it possible to implement it with the help of xuggler java api.
    i would require a video streaming server with that sends data using Real Time Protocol. can the red5 streaming server be of use to me. i would need to implement some real time scheduling of frames depending on bandwidth availability. should i go for red5 some time from now. may be sending mp4 stream with a wavelet transform based codec for encoding.

    i couldn’t figure out from red5 website.

  10. |

    Dear Paul,

    I am using Red5 to deliver Flash interactive experience since version 0.7 final.

    My experience is Red5 is a very good server and without those samples, installer, admin, it is secured :) (I did delete all samples every time i deploy a new one :D, your new version of installer does make me worry especially there is a **/**/register.html thing going on the admin thing XD )

    Ok. Recently, I need to develop a simple web service to get some data from my database through Red5. This web service is a experimental on getting more audience on j2me mobile phone. (cause Flash phone is still very expensive :( ) I might going to use jax-ws or axis but there are 2 issues. 1st is web service does not allow us to pass ObjectMap (I love this!) or Hashmap or Hashtable. 2nd is adding more server like axis in Red5 does make me worry about the security too. 3rd is… ok … What i want is the web service is using ApplicationAdapater similar to Red5 ways. Means, appconnect, appdisconnect, storing of minor data like user session identity and security access weight.

    Do you have any experience on this? or any suggestion for me 😀

    Note : I am not planning to serve Flash Video or MP3 to j2me mobile phone. I am just want to expose Red5 ApplicationAdapter to it on method calling and data returning.

    Thanks for the Red5 server :)

    Long live Red5 XD

  11. |

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your work on the Red5 project – and to ask what you think of David Tennant’s departure?


  12. |

    @Rob, I liked David but I am curious to see how Matt does..

  13. |

    Check out my new gaming website. Its a upstart but we are trying.

    >XBOX 360 Need Only Apply<

  14. |

    Hi Paul,

    I came across your profile and blog on LinkedIn. I have a position that I thought you or someone you know might be interested in.

    Senior Software Engineer
    Roles and Responsibilities

    Develop elegant and reliable solutions that conform to project specifications within the timeframes allotted for each task.

    Ensure that applications are developed in compliance with architectural guidelines and standards and consistent with the Software Development Life Cycle.

    Adhere to the established Change Control process for implementing changes and enhancements.

    Provide task status updates and commitments to achieve tasks within previously determined estimates.

    Deliver efficient, tuned and well-documented source code.

    May work with users or assist a team to accurately define and develop business requirements.

    Perform adequate quality control, code review and standard data validation practices prior to release to QA teams.

    May be assigned to participate on Q/A teams or perform Q/A process tasks.

    Write and maintain system design and technical documentation, as assigned.

    Write and maintain user or operations documentation, as assigned.

    Assist support teams in resolving issues on applications, as assigned, and document problem resolution.

    Assist with the design and implementation of database structure.

    Develop accurate estimates of work tasks.

    Track time against assigned projects and tasks.

    Maintain expertise in evolving development tools, platforms and coding methodologies.

    Maintain ample documentation within programs and adhere to in-house naming conventions and programming standards.

    Position will require after hours and on-call service.

    Other duties as assigned.

    Experience, Education, and Certification Requirements

    College degree in Computer Science or MIS. If no education, equivalent experience must be demonstrated.



    3 or more years of experience creating Windows applications and Intranet applications with the following development tools is recommended:

    Microsoft Visual Studio

    Microsoft ASP.NET

    Microsoft Visual Basic.NET

    Microsoft .NET Framework




    Microsoft SQL Server

    Microsoft Transact-SQL

    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

    Other Experience Considered a Plus

    IBM iSeries

    Working RPG/ILE experience

    Knowledge of RPG/ILE (5.1), Control Language, and Data Definition Specifications (DDS)

    Application experience in Casino, Hotel and Financial Applications is preferred


    Experience creating object-oriented software

    Working experience with JSP/Servlets, HTTP, and HTML

    Knowledge of J2EE deployment characteristics and standards, Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) design techniques, system requirements planning/scaling

    Certification Requirement:

    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification is preferred.

    Any additional Microsoft Certification or Training a plus.

    Any other additional Certification or Training a plus.

    Personal Attributes

    Superior Customer Service attitude

    Demonstrate leadership without authority

    Excellent communication skills

    Self motivated Time Management

    ****If this looks like something you would be interested in or have anyone who would be, please forward resumes to


  15. |

    Hi, Paul,

    The normal way of using red5 server is

    Flash —> Red5

    how do I getting or saving information from server to server like below?

    Red5 —> Red5

    Thanks alot.

  16. |

    Hello, my name is Anna and site editor, is a site dedicated to those who want to learn Flash and Actionscript, and educational explained step by step tutorials for beginners and advanced. The purpose for which I contacted you is to ask you to add a backlink from the on blogroll to the

    Thank you and have a nice day

  17. |

    Would you be interested in a limited consulting job helping me setup red5 on ubuntu for live security camera streaming. I’ve already already have red5 installed and working for regular streams but want to make sure that https website can securely stream camera feeds

  18. |

    Hi Paul,

    I have been trying to use the mpegts plugin for http live streaming to iphone.

    I can see the live stream but it is not consistent.I am having the
    following issues:

    1. Sometimes its playing previously played videos repeatedly until the
    red5 server is restarted.
    2. Sometimes its playing previously played video for some seconds and
    then jumps to the live video
    3. Its frequently missing packets, as a result of which the video is
    not smooth.
    4. Sometimes the first time its not playing the stream but when i try
    again it plays the stream.

    Any suggestion on what could be the issue?

  19. |

    Hi Paul,

    I saw you instructions on building xuggle for windows. I followed them but i still ran into trouble trying to get the build to finish. In fact, i noticed that someone else also had the same problem i had ( error: no previous prototype for ‘fopen64’). have you tried to build xuggle lately? do you know where i can get a fresh windows build of xuggle


  20. |

    Dear Paul Gregoire.

    My name is Lim Gabriel, CEO of ganasys in tokyo,japan.

    My company ganasys want your source code in similar to your Broad Caster android version.

    The Server is wowza server, Android version is 2.3, encoding is H.264, Protocol is RTSP ,and source by android java.

    I want that program working with

    – see live image in android phone from phone’s camera
    – encoding live image to streaming image by H.264
    – send live image from android phone to wowza server by RTSP protocol
    – see streaming image in wowza server

    Is it open source? or how much get your source?

    We must make program streaming server and client by android phone client, wowza server within this April 13. but we have no this RTSP protocol source.
    please help me. please mail me.


    by Lim Gabriel

  21. |

    Dear Paul Gregoire.

    My name is Jun, web developer in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    I am making a live streaming project by Android, in my project using Flash Media Server – FMS. I searched Google and found your software Broadcaster Pro. I have a free trial and found it great.
    But there is a security problem for the live streaming with RTMP FMS. Authentication plugin I use for live streaming using Flash Live Encoder – FLE. When using this add-on with FLE is asked every time connect to login server. But if using the flash (the example code on which I have) to live streaming does not require a login that can still be live streaming via RTMP.
    So you have any solution to the Broadcaster Pro software, to connect to the server each time it requires FMS login?. And the cost of the solution that is how much?. Looking forward to receiving your feedback. Thanks very much!.

  22. |

    Hey Mondain,

    I’ve been over at the red5 irc for a few days now and the people on there advised that I should get in touch with someone from the red5 project. I want to help out by putting the missing docs from the official website on or some place similar. Can you help me by giving me access to the docs from the site?

  23. |

    Hi Greg.
    I cannot download broadcaster either free or pro version for my galaxy tab 2 10.1. Do I need something extra. Please advice

  24. |

    Hi Paul,

    Uuh.. I realize you probably get a lot of requests or offers, etc.
    We’re regular users of your Broadcaster app, and would love to get in touch to discuss :
    A/ technology issues
    B/ maybe, if you’re open to it, a quick freelance opportunity

    We’re interested in porting it to iOS (as part of a bigger app), and we find the tricky part to be streaming H264 over RTMP.

    Let me know if you’re up for some chat :)


  25. |

    I would assume that is due to your devices Android version not being high enough.

  26. |

    Use the users list!forum/red5interest

  27. |

    Hi Greg,
    I had buy a “BroadCasterPro”.
    At first, there is no problem to use.
    But, Your system has been upgraded at recently.
    And I have problem..
    Does not work.

    I using the Samsung S2.
    Streaming server is using the Wowza.


  28. |

    Hello Paul,

    I would like to ask for help regarding red5sip installed in my server. I wrote an issue in the red5phone Google code, but it seems there are a lot of unanswered issues.

    Here’s the issue I wrote:

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Both Red5Phone user and X-Lite user are registered successfully on Asterisk. (sip.conf and extensions.conf have been configured.)
    2. When dialing from Red5Phone to an X-Lite user, it does not get through.
    3. When dialing from X-Lite to a Red5Phone user, the incoming call is received, and when “answer” button is clicked, the button turns “transfer”, and call failed to establish.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    1. I expect to establish a call between Red5Phone and X-Lite in both directions.
    2. I got failed to establish a call error. (Log errors are provided below.)

    What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
    1. Asterisk
    2. CentOS 5.8
    3. Red5 1.0.1
    4. Red5SIP server – red5_1.0_compatibility
    5. Red5Phone Client – /svn/branch/improvements/sip/flex

    Please provide any additional information below.

    1. Log error when dialing on Red5Phone (4002) to call X-Lite (4003) user
    (No ringing signal at X-Lite)
    a. red5.log
    2013-07-08 11:32:25,777 [NioProcessor-2] INFO o.r.c.n.rtmp.BaseRTMPClientHandler – Connection was null
    2013-07-08 11:32:25,777 [NioProcessor-2] INFO – service call result: Service: null Method: getPublicSID No params
    2013-07-08 11:32:25,777 [NioProcessor-2] INFO – getPublicSID
    2013-07-08 11:32:25,777 [NioProcessor-2] INFO o.r.c.n.rtmp.BaseRTMPClientHandler – Connection was null
    2013-07-08 11:32:25,777 [NioProcessor-2] INFO – service call result: Service: null Method: getBroadCastId No params
    2013-07-08 11:32:25,777 [NioProcessor-2] INFO – getBroadCastId


    2013-07-08 11:33:22,187 [NioProcessor-2] INFO org.red5.sip.webapp.Application – Red5SIP Call 4003
    2013-07-08 11:33:22,187 [NioProcessor-2] INFO org.red5.sip.webapp.Application – Red5SIP Call found user 7CCE681D-13E6-A137-D4D0-BBD252DB48A2 making call to 4003
    2013-07-08 11:33:22,187 [NioProcessor-2] DEBUG org.red5.sip.SIPTransport – Calling 4003
    2013-07-08 11:33:22,188 [NioProcessor-2] DEBUG org.red5.sip.SIPTransport – call: Exception:>

    c. asterisk debug
    — no debug info —-

    2. Log error when dialing on X-Lite(4003) to call Red5Phone(4002) user
    (Red5Phone rings, and when “answer” button is clicked, it turns to “transfer”, and failed to establish a call error is shown on X-Lite.)

    a. red5.log

    2013-07-08 11:47:08,276 [NioProcessor-3] INFO o.r.s.n.r.codec.RTMPProtocolDecoder – Action _result
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,622 [NioProcessor-3] INFO o.r.s.n.r.codec.RTMPProtocolDecoder – Action accept
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,623 [NioProcessor-3] INFO o.r.c.n.rtmp.BaseRTMPClientHandler – Connection was null
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,623 [NioProcessor-3] INFO – service call result: Service: null Method: getPublicSID No params
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,623 [NioProcessor-3] INFO – getPublicSID
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,623 [NioProcessor-3] INFO o.r.c.n.rtmp.BaseRTMPClientHandler – Connection was null
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,623 [NioProcessor-3] INFO – service call result: Service: null Method: getBroadCastId No params
    2013-07-08 11:47:21,623 [NioProcessor-3] INFO – getBroadCastId

    b. sip.log

    2013-07-08 11:48:37,248 [Thread-61] DEBUG org.red5.sip.SIPTransport – onUaCallIncoming sip:4003@1xx.1xx.0xx.1xx sip:4002@
    2013-07-08 11:48:46,153 [NioProcessor-3] INFO org.red5.sip.webapp.Application – Red5SIP Accept
    2013-07-08 11:48:46,153 [NioProcessor-3] DEBUG org.red5.sip.SIPTransport – accept
    2013-07-08 11:48:46,153 [NioProcessor-3] DEBUG org.red5.sip.SIPTransport – accept – Exception:>

    c. asterisk debug

    == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
    — Executing [4002@users:1] Dial(“SIP/4003-00000014”, “SIP/4002,20”) in new stack
    == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
    — Called 4002
    — SIP/4002-00000015 is ringing
    — Nobody picked up in 20000 ms
    — Auto fallthrough, channel ‘SIP/4003-00000014’ status is ‘NOANSWER’

    Could you please direct me to any misconfiguration or a solution to this problem?

    Thank you.


  29. |

    Hello Paul
    I’m Chinese,my english is poor.I want to konw cluster in red5 1.0
    I look for the answer long time.
    please help me. please mail me.

  30. |

    Hi there … I’ve a customer looking for an app for Android which encodes and streams live to Wowza
    I tested your app and it works. We’d like to know if you are interested in white label it or develop an app around it for this project


  31. |

    Hello, I bought the Pro Broadcast, but it is not capturing sound from microphone, whether or not the free version Pro version, my phone is a Samsung Galax S4.
    Thanks for your help.

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