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15 Mar 15 Protecting your privacy on your devices

I get sick to my stomach every time I read a story about someone getting into trouble at a port of entry or similar location because they don’t want their privacy violated. I think its absurd that someone in a position of authority can demand your device unlock sequence and then do who know what with your information and content. So all things considered, I created an Android application which will accept user defined unlock sequences to perform various actions. For instance, if you took some pictures that are personal and you don’t want the individual holding your device to access them, you could give them the sequence which deletes all your pictures/videos; et voila! problem solved. I created two versions of the application (Paid/Free); The free version allows you to set your standard device unlock sequence and also allows the “emergency” sms feature. This feature would send a message to a user defined phone number when the device owner is in some sort of emergency situation. I hope people find the app useful and if anyone has any other ideas to improve the app, let me know.

Paid Version

Get it on Google Play

Free Version

Get it on Google Play


02 Oct 14 WebRTC notes

I’ve been working on a WebRTC project recently and I’ve found a few tidbits I’d like to share. First of all I want to recommend a book that makes for an outstanding reference: WebRTC: APIs and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web, Third Edition Secondly, these sites:

Third, as anyone who has worked with this technology has noticed, each browser that offers support for WebRTC comes with its own implementation and quirks. I’ve been working with Chrome and Firefox exclusively for my project, but it is possible to use most of the other browsers out there by using an adapter library or plugin. Below I’ll give a quick set of things I’ve encountered:

  1. DTLS is required
  2. ICE is required
  3. SHA-256 fingerprints are required for DTLS, SHA-1 doesn’t cut it
  4. Firefox does not support BUNDLE, but Chrome does
  5. Using BUNDLE requires the use of RTCP-Mux
  6. The safest codecs to use are PCM and VP8, as Chrome isn’t supporting h.264 at the moment
  7. ICE candidates are best sent after the offer via your signaling channel
  8. When Chrome is in the answer position and is read-only, it doesn’t send a fingerprint in its answer (I’m sure this is a bug, so I submitted it: bug report)

Additional links:

WebRTC drafts:

That’s it for now in a nutshell; my journey continues…



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01 Jan 12 Happy New Year!

I know this is supposed to be the “last” year, but I don’t believe it; bring on the supposed end of the world.. lol

Happy New Year my friends and readers! I know I’m planning positive changes for myself and I hope you all do as well. I am also looking forward to the new year’s entertainment, especially the summer movies; Avengers and Promethus!! For now I offer you a gif that makes me laugh and miss one of my favorite shows

24 Nov 11 Grill master

The first step to becoming a grill master is having the right tools; actually that goes for anything you want to “master”. I’d say I’m pretty good at grilling almost anything over fire but I’ve always hated my “stock” grill grates, to me they seemed an after thought on the part of the grill maker. So when I got a groupon for a “man grate” I was intrigued and purchased a single grate with a brush. When the cast iron grate came in the mail I was impressed at the heft and construction; now this is what I was looking for! Cooking on cast iron is awesome and it takes me back to when my late Grandmother made eggs and bacon on her perfectly seasoned skillet (which is now mine).

But alas, not everything in wonderland was sunshine and rainbows. I had neglected to notice meaning of a single grate, this was my mistake. I contacted Justin over at mangrates and he explained everything in great detail as well as how to care for my new grates. To go even one step beyond with customer service is unusual in this day and age, but Justin came though and even offered me a deal I could not refuse to get a couple more grates!! Now here I am with three grates that will cover one side of my gas grill or my entire charcoal grill; ready to cook-up some meat!

If you want to grill like a pro, head on over to and get your “man” grates!

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

New offer $10 off the regular price:

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31 Mar 10 Stop complaining about Flash

If people aren’t complaining about Flash and HTML5 they are falling back to NoSQL vs RDBMS. There is a time and a place for everything, just remember that tidbit. So to get on with it, I would like to state that I am mostly a Windows user and I love Windows 7.. It f#@king rocks! I also use Google Chrome as my primary browser on both OSX and Windows. I recently loaded the latest dev build of Chrome that contains a streamlined Flash Player and I can say that it is awesome.
To test, I started up a Red5 instance with some mp4 and vp6 videos to see what the CPU usage would be and here is the result: Red5 = 0% to 7% and Chrome = 3% to 6% (average 3%)
The playback was smooth as silk and the audio was perfect. Next up for comparison, I tried IE and FF:
IE 8 with FP10.1 = 5% to 11% (average 5%)
Firefox 3.6 with FP 10.1 = 14% to 66% (average 40%)

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05 Dec 09 Fun with FFMPEG

Since I’ve seen nothing which addresses the processing delays that I noticed in ffmpeg when generating thumbnail images, I figured I should share some important optimizations. I used to specify this command line when generating the images from a movie source (f4v in this case):

ffmpeg -y -i mymovie.f4v -an -ss 00:05:00 -t 00:00:00.01 -sameq -r 1 -vframes 1 -deinterlace -f mjpeg mythumbnail.jpg

This will take about one minute to generate the image of the video frame which is five seconds into the clip. This seems really extreme and is even worse when you try to increase the start location; for instance 45 seconds in, takes about an hour.
So, I knew there had to be a better way and I monkeyed around with the options:

ffmpeg -y -ss 00:05:00 -i mymovie.f4v -an -t 00:00:00.01 -sameq -r 1 -vframes 1 -deinterlace -f mjpeg mythumbnail.jpg

There is only one change between these lines, the placement of the “ss” option. This change causes the command to complete in less than a second, no matter what our start time is. Quite an increase in processing for something so simple! I hope this helps a few of you out there.

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18 Nov 08 One reason I hate Apple

I could have said one reason I hate the iPhone, but it is an awesome work of engineering and a fine gadget. So to get on with it… I hate them because of their draconian lock on the addition of applications / features. Its not about stability, its about greed; so stop lying Apple. I could rant for about an hour on this and other messed up things Apple does but I’ll save it, since greed has little chance of going away. I’m posting this due to two articles I read this morning:

The bad: Why Apple Won’t Allow Adobe Flash on iPhone

The good: Adobe Flash 10 running on Android G1 Google Phone

Needless to say, but I purchased a G1.


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