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01 Jan 12 Happy New Year!

I know this is supposed to be the “last” year, but I don’t believe it; bring on the supposed end of the world.. lol

Happy New Year my friends and readers! I know I’m planning positive changes for myself and I hope you all do as well. I am also looking forward to the new year’s entertainment, especially the summer movies; Avengers and Promethus!! For now I offer you a gif that makes me laugh and miss one of my favorite shows

17 Dec 08 Bush is Neo?

I had to post this.. so I apologize in advance

GW as Neo

Image found on b3ta

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06 Oct 08 If the candidates were phones

I saw a couple posts on Dvorak wherein the candidates were compared to trains and cars. This gave me an idea, what if we compared them with phones?

Update: For those of you who actually read the text – There are accusations in the comments that I “stole” this from Fark, I did not. The text clearly states where I got the idea from which is, a site I read daily. I never go to and never have been to the Fark forum, except to check the link in the comments. Those who know me, know this accusation is bull-crap and as stated if any accusers (loving their internet anonymity) want to bring it to me in person – I’m game.

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21 Sep 08 Blackhole causes LHC to shutdown

A micro blackhole has caused a fault to form in the wall of the LHC, causing a ton of liquid Helium to spill into the tunnel. The loss of the coolant has forced a shutdown due to the over-heating of the supercooling magnets.




This is an experimental post, some of what you read in this post is fiction. Beat you to the punch Onion!

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