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06 Jun 09 FFMPEG made super simple

Robert and Art continue to amaze me with their Xuggler project. If you are like me and have had to use FFMPEG in a project (Java in my case), you know how hard it can be to get everything working correctly. Xuggler has some how made this even more easy than with their 1.0 version. Through the use of their MediaTool you can do some incredible stuff; the stuff that should have been possible with JMF! Do yourself a favor and check out their post about the MediaTool.

As a minor side note, Xuggler has changed its license to AGPL with the 3.0 release.

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19 Feb 09 Xuggler final

Having been in the media streaming game for quite some time, esentially since its birth on the internet. I have needed conversion and transcoding tools countless times. These tools usually needed to interoperate with Java in one way or another. I have used the various offerings throughout the years, from JMF, FMJ, QuickTime, and helloNetwork stuff to accomplish my tasks. None of these tools worked as seemlessly nor flawlessly as Xuggler does. One of the best things about it, is that it works with Red5 for live transcoding! 

Another key point to consider is that it works everywhere (osx, linux, and win); this is an important feature when I consider tools. So are you ready to buy a copy now? Guess what, it gets better.. Xuggler is FREE and it can be built compliant to GPL or LGPL!

Kudos go to Art and Robert, you’ve created an awesome open source tool and I am glad to use it.

Lastly, if youre attending FITC in Amsterdam next week you should stop and see Arts demo.

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08 Jan 09 Media manipulation in realtime with Xuggler

I know this comes up a lot on mailing lists and in forums – How do I stream from flash to “xyz”. Normally the standard answer is to use FFMPEG, but beware of the NellyMoser audio; oh and you have to tweak this or that like this to get output. Then came the nelly2pcm utility and a few bravely implemented it in their projects to get nelly converted into a “usable” format. This didn’t work for me on my SIP project for an “unamed” client of Infrared5. I looked around and spoke with colleages, then one day Art told me about a “secret” project of his and that he would let me try it out. It seemed to have everything I would need so thats how I got involved with what is now released for FREE as Xuggler, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Google group: xuggler-users

Xuggler is now available in Beta! – go get it!!


05 Aug 08 Native code to Java

I recently needed to convert some C / C++ code to Java and I remembered a couple utilities which are supposed to do the conversion for you. These tools under the name C2J aren’t especially useful in my case but they are difficult to find so I am making them available here. There are two versions:

  • c2java – This is the first-cut I believe
  • c2jGNU – This appears to be more robust

I tried to contact the authors before posting this, but they have yet to respond. I take no responsiblity for these tools so use them at your own risk.

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