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09 Sep 09 Labs

I will post experiments here for your enjoyment.

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    Dear Paul Gregoire.


    I am sorry to leave some comment that is not relative with this blog.

    In fact, I wanted to talk with you about setting a red5’s war file plug-in version by use IRC

    I will set red5 to jboss-server with red5s WAR files.

    but I couldn’t find war file in last version.(Red5 0.9.0 or Red5 0.8.0)

    I found this site(

    this osflash site had only past version’s war file.

    When I set a red5 0.7.0 war version in this osflash site, a jboss return to me error message.

    and now, I setted red5 0.6 war version to jboss4.(only not have error message setting)

    but this setting content have some problem.

    for example, can’t streaming H.264 codec, or sometime disconnect stream.

    Could you give me some advise?

    It won’t be a big problem to not use last version.
    but, it is a little problem about sometime disconnect stream.
    Is this problem red5 0.6’s bug?

    I really wait your answer and advise.

    and could you teach me how to use red5’s mailling group?

    I want to ask another question too.

    thank you.

    – by eli

    etc. why don’t you answer to me in red5 IRC channel anytime?

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    Main red5 website:
    Sign up for the mailing list here:
    Search the list using Nabble:
    h.264 is only available in 0.9 versions of Red5, we don’t support older versions due to the lack of resources.

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    Hi Paul, I have a problem with the red5 application “steamStream”,I built it with eclipse and red5 0.8, when I try to receive a RTP flow (video h263 from jmstudio) I receive packets but the application can’t write packets on IContainer output

    urlOutp = Red5HandlerFactory.DEFAULT_PROTOCOL + “:” + outputStream.getName();
    contOutpFormat.setOutputFormat(“flv”, urlOutp, null);, IContainer.Type.WRITE, contOutpFormat);

    the problem is in this instruction:

    contOutp.writePacket(pktOutp, true);

    that return -1!I don’t understand why! Can you help me please?

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    Hi Paul,

    I have a red5 0.9 versione with the your script in js, installed on windows 2000 server by tomcat.

    Can you help me to find a solution to stream a list of file how it would a live stream?


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    Hi Paul,
    sorry if this is in the wrong place, but getting relliable info on red5 is a lot harder than you might imagine. Here’s a simple question – I hope there is a simple answer…
    How can I configure tomcat which is embedded within red5 release 9 on windows to have a domain name such as “”?

    thanks in advance.


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    Hi Paul,

    I have a red5,ffmpeg and codeigniter job to fill. Candidate must have all three and websites they have built doing live broadcasting with recording and ondemand movie viewing.

    Maybe I can hire you! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Hi paul,

    I am using FMLE 3(Flash Media Live Encoder) to publishing streams via Red5 V9.0RC2.
    while publishing through FMLE for every few seconds the live has mosaic kind of distortion in video and it will become normally in 2 to 3 seconds.

    please go through the link for snapshots

    The recorded video is also unable to open.

    I am unable to understand why this mosaic kind of distortion came in to picture. otherwise the video is very clear.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi paul,i need to load test my red5 with your load tester..but now it’s gone in mediafire…can you give the link to download it

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    hi paul do you still have any hiptop delveloper files, like the htconsle and and binary files,i dont need a key just the kit or whats left, as sadly has gone, many thanks

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    Dear Paul,
    Your android app broadcaster is great for RTMP broadcasting,
    Is it open source?

    I would like to contribute that project.

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    thank you paul

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    Hi Paul,

    It’s great to know more about you from your blog!

    I posted a question in Google groups as I plan to commercialize an important feature in our web application using Red5.

    Any feedback/help is highly appreciated.

    Keep up the great spirit of open source!

    Kind regards, Kuldeep.

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