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12 Sep 08 RTMP load tester

I want to let everyone know about a simple RTMP load testing tool that I wrote in flex. Its really simple and allows you to rip a stream from either FMS or Red5 as quickly as possible. If you find it useful or want to add to it, let me know.

The source link is for the latest version in which I have started adding shared object testing; I could use some assistance with that part if any of you have time. The bin link is to the “old” version.

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12 Sep 08 Using custom objects in AMF3 with Red5

I created a post about this subject almost a year ago, but there were a couple minor issues with the examples. Here I will show what eight additional months of experience can provide. The example provided here uses a custom object in Flex to pass information to and from the server, which in this case will be Red5. If one of you has an example which uses FMS on the server-side, I would be glad to include it here.

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