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25 Jun 08 Bind exception

I’ve seen a few posts on the Red5 list where users encountered the “bind” exception when starting Red5; I just had it happen on my PC. Usually its a service running on your machine taking up port 80 (HTTP), port 443 (HTTPS), or 1935 (RTMP). This normally means that IIS, Apache, FMS, or Red5 are running and already bound to these ports; 99% of the time I don’t see this issue because of the tight lock I keep on my running services. Today I got the exception and I traced it to Pidgin (an IM client like Trillian that does “them” all), the odd thing is that it was using port 1935 (RTMP). If you get the bind issue, check your running processes and kill-off or reconfigure them as needed. Using the following commands will show your bound ports:
in windows
netstat -an
in linux
netstat -pan
The linux command will give additional details such as the application/service name. For windows you can use TcpView or some similar application to determine the application holding the port.

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