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25 Feb 15 Release of Actionscript for my mobile broadcaster

Today I decided to release the AIR / Actionscript source for my Google Play app for broadcasting to Flash media servers; you can find it on github


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20 Feb 13 Came home to find this on my PC

Interesting… So I guess Skype on Windows now utilizes Flash? Who knew…

This was on my screen when I got home tonight:

Error: Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.
	at MethodInfo-666()

After dismissing, I got this:

Error: Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.
	at player_fla::TooltipRight_66/frame1()

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31 Mar 10 Stop complaining about Flash

If people aren’t complaining about Flash and HTML5 they are falling back to NoSQL vs RDBMS. There is a time and a place for everything, just remember that tidbit. So to get on with it, I would like to state that I am mostly a Windows user and I love Windows 7.. It f#@king rocks! I also use Google Chrome as my primary browser on both OSX and Windows. I recently loaded the latest dev build of Chrome that contains a streamlined Flash Player and I can say that it is awesome.
To test, I started up a Red5 instance with some mp4 and vp6 videos to see what the CPU usage would be and here is the result: Red5 = 0% to 7% and Chrome = 3% to 6% (average 3%)
The playback was smooth as silk and the audio was perfect. Next up for comparison, I tried IE and FF:
IE 8 with FP10.1 = 5% to 11% (average 5%)
Firefox 3.6 with FP 10.1 = 14% to 66% (average 40%)

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08 May 09 Flash on Tap: Red5 Workshop

FOT is coming up real soon… I’m co-presenting with Dominick for the Red5 workshop and I would like to know what you guys want to see? Since its an all-day thing, I would be glad to get some input from the community. Post your ideas as comments.

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07 Apr 09 On-demand room / scope creation

I am not sure how or if FMS provides a means for dynamic rooms, but Red5 does and I will try to explain how to use it below. For the following example, you should expect the following url – rtmp://localhost/myapp/room is being used. The method below is an overridden super class method from the Red5 application adapter. The example places a client into an id based “chat” room; the id algorithm could be anything you desire and is not fixed. I have used this block in a couple projects, one of which used an encrypted room and id portion and its url looked similar to this – rtmp://localhost/myapp/29c8109abd29e

	public boolean roomJoin(IClient client, IScope scope) {
		log.debug("roomJoin - client id: {} scope: {}", client.getId(), scope);
		IConnection conn = Red5.getConnectionLocal();

		String scopeName = scope.getName();
		log.debug("Scope name: {}", scopeName);
		//check for "application" scope
		if ("myapp".equals(scopeName)) {
			log.debug("Connection already connected to app scope");
		} else if (conn.hasAttribute("")) {
			//client is already in a room
			log.debug("Connection already connected to room scope");
		} else {
			//the room name
			String roomName = scopeName;						
			//set flag
			conn.setAttribute("", true);
			//get app scope
			IScope appScope = scope.getParent();
			//handle at room level
			if ("room".equals(roomName)) {
				//lookup room (top level)
				IScope roomScope = ScopeUtils.resolveScope(appScope, roomName);
				if (roomScope == null) {
					if (appScope.createChildScope(roomName)) {
						log.debug("Room {} created", roomName);
						roomScope = appScope.getScope(roomName);
					} else {
						log.warn("Room {} was not created", roomName);
				} else {
					log.debug("Room scope {} was found", roomName);
				//get the next room identifier
				String chatId = getNextChatId();
				//room for chat id
				IScope chatScope = ScopeUtils.resolveScope(roomScope, chatId);
				if (chatScope == null) {
					if (roomScope.createChildScope(chatId)) {
						log.debug("Chat scope {} created", chatId);
						chatScope = roomScope.getScope(chatId);
					} else {
						log.warn("Chat scope {} was not created", chatId);
				} else {
					log.debug("Chat scope {} was found", chatId);
				//send the actual join
				return roomJoin(client, chatScope);
			} else {
				return false;
		return super.roomJoin(client, scope);

After this block is executed, your client would be connected to something like this – rtmp://localhost/myapp/room/1001 without having to create any additional NetConnections. The method “getNextChatId()” is meant to provide a chat room id, based on whatever criteria you would like.

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21 Aug 08 Flash on Tap

Welcome fellow Red5, Flash, and Flex people! I want to let you all know that I will be conducting a workshop on Red5 with Dominick at the Flash on Tap conference in Boston during the second week of October 2008. For those of you that prefer face-to-face of one-on-one time with our core developers, this would be your opportunity – don’t miss out!

Plus I’m pretty sure this is the “first” flash conference + beer festival. It’s ok if you dont drink, just come for all the flash-ing  heh heh

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