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11 Mar 13 Gmail Fail

Its totally absurd that after 24+ hours, my gmail account which I’ve had for at least 11 years is still locked. What’s even worse is that you must sit and wait until???  There are no “helpful” links on this page, nor any resolution options available; You’re simply at their whim.


After racking my brain last night about why this may have occurred, I figure it had to be the ebooks that I mailed to my KindleFire HD; there were several. Is usage of my account any reason to lock it for so many hours? I’m really freaking livid right now.. getting more pissed off by the hour.

Update: Regained access after 30+ hours of waiting and sending 2 reports from my phone. Lets work on that customer service Google; you could learn something from Apple in this area.


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03 Sep 08 Google Chome fails Acid3 tests

I haven’t heard anyone say this about Google Chrome, so maybe I’m the first. On a whim I decided to check Acid3 on Firefox 3 and it scored 71/100; then I decided to try Chrome since it rocks, and it scored 79/100. I’m really surprised that it failed, but it is still beta right?

If you’d like to try for yourself go here

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