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16 May 12 Ivy and Maven

I’ve added some xml to hopefully support Maven and Ivy projects that use Red5 as a dependency just a little better. The group id is “org.red5” and the artifact id is “red5-server” or “red5-client”. For Ivy, add this pattern to your ivysettings.xml:

<artifact pattern="[organisation]/[artifact]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]" />

For your ivy.xml here are the dependency entries:

<dependency org="org.red5" name="red5-server" rev="1.0-RC2" />
<dependency org="org.red5" name="red5-client" rev="1.0-RC2" />

For Maven use this repository:

  <id>Red5</id>   <url></url>

and these dependency entries:



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06 Sep 08 IvyDE – Part 2

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I was a tad busy with the svn sync :)
I also had some trouble getting the IvyDE to behave as I expected. The screen cast below will show you how to get Red5 to build properly in Eclipse. One of the key points is to use Ant from a console to pull any suborn libraries down into the correct location, to do this simply turn off the auto build in your eclipse project and use this command:
ant"java6, eclipse" dist
Note: substitute java5 for java6 if you are using JDK 1.5.
When you’ve finished using ant, remember to turn auto-build back on.


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30 Aug 08 IvyDE – Part 1

Some of you may know that there are at least two different versions of the IvyDE, the plugin which interfaces Eclipse with your Ivy files. To use the plugin with Red5 you will need the latest version, especially if you use Ganymede. I will record some screen casts to help you through the upgrade / fixes. I apologize now for my large screen size, I will record smaller versions in the future. So without further rambling here is the first video: IvyDE part 1

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