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05 May 09 Support for other SLF4J loggers

I recently updated Red5 trunk to fix APPSERVER-369 and this allows the use of Log4j or any other SLF4j implementation. There may be a few quirks to workout but here is the procedure for using Log4j instead of the default implementation of Logback.
1. Edit all of your application web.xml files and remove any logging context listeners or filters and replace them with this:


2. Edit your red5.bat or sh to include the slf4j adapter jar and the latest log4j jars:

set RED5_CLASSPATH=%RED5_HOME%\boot.jar;%RED5_HOME%\lib\slf4j-log4j12-1.5.6.jar;%RED5_HOME%\lib\log4j-1.2.15.jar;%RED5_HOME%\conf;%CLASSPATH%

3. While in the startup script (red5.bat/sh) you must remove this entry from the LOGGING_OPTS:


4. Remove the following jars from your red5/lib directory:


5. Add these jars to the red5/lib directory:


6. Put your’e log4j configuration files in the red5/conf directory
7. Restart your server

Now when I did my test, I was not able to get the individual application logs so I’m not sure what is missing… maybe one of you know?

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