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24 Nov 11 Grill master

The first step to becoming a grill master is having the right tools; actually that goes for anything you want to “master”. I’d say I’m pretty good at grilling almost anything over fire but I’ve always hated my “stock” grill grates, to me they seemed an after thought on the part of the grill maker. So when I got a groupon for a “man grate” I was intrigued and purchased a single grate with a brush. When the cast iron grate came in the mail I was impressed at the heft and construction; now this is what I was looking for! Cooking on cast iron is awesome and it takes me back to when my late Grandmother made eggs and bacon on her perfectly seasoned skillet (which is now mine).

But alas, not everything in wonderland was sunshine and rainbows. I had neglected to notice meaning of a single grate, this was my mistake. I contacted Justin over at mangrates and he explained everything in great detail as well as how to care for my new grates. To go even one step beyond with customer service is unusual in this day and age, but Justin came though and even offered me a deal I could not refuse to get a couple more grates!! Now here I am with three grates that will cover one side of my gas grill or my entire charcoal grill; ready to cook-up some meat!

If you want to grill like a pro, head on over to and get your “man” grates!

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

New offer $10 off the regular price:

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