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06 May 09 My first Android application

Quite some time ago, I wrote an application for the Danger Hiptop that displayed falling text like in the Matrix. I have decided to port this to Android as my first “learning” application. Here is a screencast of my first “working” version. I also want to point out that I wasn’t able to port the application but instead have rewritten it from scratch; which is probably better in the long-run.

After having some other things to do etc.. heres an update after 2 or so hours

Ok, so I went and had dinner with the family and then worked on it a bit more, without further adieu –
Best and latest build

I have also packaged it up as an unsigned apk, but you cannot load this unless your phone has Cupcake (1.5); which for me and the rest of the US is sometime next week. :(

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17 Dec 08 Bush is Neo?

I had to post this.. so I apologize in advance

GW as Neo

Image found on b3ta

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