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06 Jun 09 FFMPEG made super simple

Robert and Art continue to amaze me with their Xuggler project. If you are like me and have had to use FFMPEG in a project (Java in my case), you know how hard it can be to get everything working correctly. Xuggler has some how made this even more easy than with their 1.0 version. Through the use of their MediaTool you can do some incredible stuff; the stuff that should have been possible with JMF! Do yourself a favor and check out their post about the MediaTool.

As a minor side note, Xuggler has changed its license to AGPL with the 3.0 release.

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14 Feb 09 File grabber

I created a little utility program tonight to get all the images, movies, and documents from a location and move them to a single level at another location. This utility is in response to a need to save stuff from friends computers after the OS has died or whatever. Since I’ve written it in Java, it works anywhere and you may feel free to use it however you like. I accept no responsibility for any problems you may encounter, use at your own risk.

Executable jar: FileGrabber.jar

Run it from the command line like so:

java -jar FileGrabber.jar source_dir destination_dir 

Source directory is the only “required” parameter and if you dont supply a destination directory one will be created for you… enjoy!

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