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28 Aug 08 Support for onImageData and MP3 cover art

I have added support for onImageData and MP3 cover images to Red5. Check out the Jing! I have really big screens so its a large flash video, you may need to resize your browser to see it all.

The example project source is here:
Also, dont make fun of my code, its just a quick example! :)

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28 Aug 08 Mp3 metadata

I’m sure a few of you Red5 users will be happy to know that I have added support for the previously ignored ID3 tags. You will recieve them as the following names:

  • album
  • artist
  • songName
  • genre
  • year
  • track
  • comment

From the research I did via Google, these names should be correct. Lastly, check out the screen shot for “proof” :)

Screen shot

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