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08 Aug 09 Large if block vs list lookup

In Java, something which has always caught my eye or bugs me to no end is a large “if” block. Normally I refactor these into a “switch” to make it cleaner and easier to read, but in the case of String comparison it becomes more difficult. To diverge for a moment, I would point out that you can use a string’s hash code for a switch but you must know it ahead of final compilation (pita). So to get back to the point of this post, I want to show a little code I used today to remove an unruly looking if statement. This is the original code from Red5 (code shortened for brevity):

if (action.equals(ACTION_CREATE_STREAM)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_DELETE_STREAM)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_RELEASE_STREAM)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_PUBLISH)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_PLAY)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_SEEK)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_PAUSE)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_PAUSE_RAW)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_CLOSE_STREAM)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_RECEIVE_VIDEO)
		|| action.equals(ACTION_RECEIVE_AUDIO)) {
	//do something

This section has always bugged me, so I decided to make a collection containing all these strings. There may be 11 calls to String.equals in this block alone! Our “optimization” has a problem and it is that the “Constants” class containing the actions is an interface and as we all know you cant execute methods in an interface, or can we?

public static final List<String> STREAM_ACTION_LIST = new ArrayList<String>(11){
		//Add all the stream actions to make lookup simpler

Using a class initializer we can accomplish what we want! If you use this, dont forget to replace the brace characters.
So now the old if block becomes this:

if (STREAM_ACTION_LIST.contains(action)) {
	//do something

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