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19 Nov 14 Buyer Beware

Below is a tale that has me in a bind, I trusted an online retailer NewEgg with my patronage, but in the end I may have lost hard earned money because I didn’t understand how their marketplace worked, nor did I expect that unscrupulous sellers would exist there. This post is meant to save you from the same fate and to remind me to do some research before I buy something online. I now have two claims / disputes filed with PayPal about this situation, lets hope they see my points and rule in my favor. Another lesson learned is to make your purchase with a credit card, since the dispute process and protections are probably more in your favor in most cases.

The marketplace seller in question is known by a number of names: Factory Authorized Outlet, MaxTool, and Ingram micro.

Here are links to their reviews:,1

Here is my record of what happened:

Times are in Eastern time unless noted otherwise

10/20/14 1:45 pm
Placed order #xxxxx with NewEgg for $899.99

Waited for my item to arrive, checking the tracking number every couple of days. After noticing that several days had passed with the item being located at the Fedex facility in Northwood, Ohio I sent a message on Newegg attempting to find out what was going on.

11/03/14 07:59 am
Message to seller via NewEgg interface

I’m curious as to why I have not yet received my unit? FedEx tracking says its been in Northwood, OH for 10 days!! Please figure out what the hell is going on because this is just absurd

Called Fedex and found out about RTOS request from Ingram Micro —-

11/03/14 1:17 pm
Message to seller via NewEgg interface

I contacted fedex and they stated that my item is being shipped back to you (Ingram micro)? What’s going on? I love a call or some kind of status.. [my phone number]

Contacted NewEgg support since I had still not heard from the seller nor NewEgg themselves and was given a number for “Factory Authorized Outlet” 800-629-3325 as NewEgg would not be doing anything to assist me since it was up to the marketplace seller.

I called FAO and was told the item was shipped back due to Fedex not being able to contact me. I was also told there would be a fee coming out of my refund. I stated that I’d be paying no fee since I did not request a return and I contacted the seller prior to their request for return from Fedex. I had also sent them my daytime phone number which is and was available on my NewEgg account. FAO rep said that I would receive a call from Phillip at extention 237 within 2.5 hours.

I called FAO approximately three hours later (11:40 Eastern time) since I had not received a call. I was told that Phillip was not in yet, but that I could leave a voicemail and I did so.

11/05/14 12:40 pm
Spoke Phillip at FAO and he offered me a deal to prevent having to submit a reversal of charges via Paypal. I could pay a re-shipment fee of $140 or I could risk having $280 deducted from my refund due to shipping and storage costs.

11/05/14 1:40 pm
Emailed FAO via Newegg to check status as nothing had been received.

11/06/14 2:44 pm
Called FAO about status. Phillip was not available, left message for him to call me back.

11/06/14 2:59 pm
Received email from Phillip about reshipping to me for an additional $140. The email address shown in the body of the email was incorrect so I replied to ensure the PayPal invoice is sent to the correct address.

I paid the $140 for reshipment as soon as I got the invoice from Phillip at MaxTool.

I emailed Phillip to get the new tracking number.

The generator hasn’t shipped because the generator was not processed as a return yet. The generator was sent back on Friday to our fulfillment warehouse center in Millington, TN but our company just received notification as of yesterday that the unit was returned. Having to process the paperwork on a return for a freight unit is not a quick process. I will have the generator re-shipped out to today and forward you tracking information as soon as possible.

Phillip M. Choi
FAO / Maxtool
Marketplace Manager
800-629-3325 ext.237
909-568-2800 ext. 237

Emailed Phillip again as no status had been received.

Starting a new week, almost a month after I initially ordered now. Your last email says you’d re-ship the item on that day 11/12/14; today will be three business days later, so I’d expect to have a tracking number by now or a phone call. I’d like to get this finished up and I’m sure you’d like to be done communicating with me, so lets get this wrapped up.

Emailed Phillip yet again as no status had been received.

What’s the status? what’s the tracking number? what the hell is taking so long?

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