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15 Mar 15 Protecting your privacy on your devices

I get sick to my stomach every time I read a story about someone getting into trouble at a port of entry or similar location because they don’t want their privacy violated. I think its absurd that someone in a position of authority can demand your device unlock sequence and then do who know what with your information and content. So all things considered, I created an Android application which will accept user defined unlock sequences to perform various actions. For instance, if you took some pictures that are personal and you don’t want the individual holding your device to access them, you could give them the sequence which deletes all your pictures/videos; et voila! problem solved. I created two versions of the application (Paid/Free); The free version allows you to set your standard device unlock sequence and also allows the “emergency” sms feature. This feature would send a message to a user defined phone number when the device owner is in some sort of emergency situation. I hope people find the app useful and if anyone has any other ideas to improve the app, let me know.

Paid Version

Get it on Google Play

Free Version

Get it on Google Play


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