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03 Sep 08 Fun with svnsync and googlecode

Today we (Red5) moved our cvsdude repository to our existing google code repository. One of the first steps to take care of is to remove anything in your google code repository and have it reset to revision 0. To get the reset, you have to post to the google code discussion group and request it. If your repository is already empty you may see the option to reset under your projects “Source” tab.

Before you start your sync I suggest that you perform an svn update, svn commit, and svn clean up on your source repository; in that order.

Step 1: Open a terminal or command window and issue this command from top level directory of your checkout location
svnsync init --username yourusername

The username is for your destination which is the first url specified, the next url is for the source. You may be presented with a password prompt and / or a key accept dialog, answer and proceed

Step 2: Issue the sync command, which will be used every time you need to restart the sync
svnsync sync

The url should point to your destination.

If everything goes smoothly, you will not see any errors and your repository will exist on the destination. This was not the case for us, so here are the ways we got past the issues that resulted.

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